How Much Will the Galaxy S5 Price Be?

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Samsung has been hush hush on what exactly the Galaxy S5 price will be, but there have been numerous unconfirmed reports depicting three different prices of the same phone. The standard Galaxy S5 is rumored to be coming with 32 MB of storage while there are also 64 MB and 128 MB of storage. Depending on how much you are willing to pay for the next generation smartphone, Samsung has made the latest and greatest in many different memory options to appeal to different consumers.

More Galaxy S5 Storage Options

Galaxy S5 Price

Galaxy S5 Price

For those wanting to have an almost endless supply of memory, buying a Galaxy S5 with 128 MB of storage will be the best option, and while others who may be less apt for the enormous amount of storage will be happy to own the one with 32 MB of storage. Either way you choose, there is expected to be a $100 price difference between the three different variants of the S5 when it releases.

Huge Savings off the Samsung Galaxy S5 Price

The best way to buy new phone for a reasonable Samsung Galaxy S5 price is to do it in conjunction of a renewal or new contract all-together. Cell phone companies such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and others have contract periods where they offer substantial discounts on new phone sales in exchange for a one or two year new or renewal contract that will lessen the price of a new Galaxy S5 or other phone substantially.

This difference is huge in price as it could mean the difference in paying $750 to just $200. With a new or renewal contract, the 32 MB variant is expected to be only $200 while the same phone purchased outside of the contract renewal period or without signing up with a new contract may likely cost upwards near the $750 as is expected to to be the latest on the upcoming Galaxy S5 price.

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