The Much Improved Galaxy S5 Concept

Galaxy S5 Camera

As Samsung looks to beef up its run in 2014 as the industry leader of smartphones, it looks as though they are well on their way of doing that. As many people believed that the S4 displayed some of … [Read more...]

Galaxy S5 3D Concept Not Likely

Galaxy S5 3D Concept

One of the many Galaxy S5 rumors that have increased in recent months is the likelihood of seeing a Galaxy S5 3D Concept. This comes just months away from the reality of seeing the S5 release as the … [Read more...]

Textra SMS Android App Review

Textra SMS

Textra SMS is Best Messaging App for Android Textra SMS Android App that replaces the standard, pre-downloaded text messaging that comes pre-loaded on android devices, but it truly adds so many … [Read more...]

Best Messaging App for Android

Best Messaging App for Android

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Camera 360 Ultimate Android App Review

Camera360 Ultimate Download

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Best Camera App Android

Best Android Camera App

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DU Battery Saver App Review

DU Battery Saver App for Android

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Best Battery Saver App for Android

Battery Saver App for Android

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Picasso App Review for Android

Picasso App

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Best Android Screenshot App

No Root Screenshot It

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Best Android App Killer

Advanced Task Killer App

App Killers help you take control of your android device by simply choosing which processes you want to either temporarily halt or to permanently delete forever. While most are available as free … [Read more...]

Office Mobile App Review

Office Mobile App

To fully enhance any productivity software using any Android device to pick up where you left off is just what the Office Mobile App will give you. Microsoft goes mobile with the Office Mobile App … [Read more...]

Kindle App for Android

Kindle App for Android

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Best Android Reader App

Best Ebook Reader for Android

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Galaxy S5 Specs with 4 GB RAM will be First for Smartphones

Galaxy S5 4 GB RAM

Can you imagine having the sheer power of any desktop computer right in the palm of your hands? This is exactly what will happen as we look to one of the Galaxy S5 specs that is set to become a first … [Read more...]

Retina Scanner, 64 Bit Chipset,and 4 GB RAM First Seen in Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumors

It is looking more and more practical that there is much in store for us with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 as huge enhancements in all the practical and most functional aspects of any smartphone … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Eye Scanner

Galaxy S5 Eye Scanner

As Samsung looks to create an entirely new Galaxy S5 concept with the newest S series smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Eye Scanner is believed to be one of the many industry firsts that we are … [Read more...]

Persistent Rumors of a Metal Surround on the Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 Concept

On the eve of the success of the Galaxy S4 Active, there are many Galaxy S5 rumors that are increasing over-time concerning the new concept that possibly includes a true metal surround. This comes … [Read more...]

Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5S

Galaxy S5 versus iPhone 6

There is much to consider when looking at the two most popular brands of cell phones as it will be no time at all when we are talking about the Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5S Review as analysts believe that … [Read more...]

Sales Expectations of the Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 Smartphone

As the time heats up as we look towards 2014 for the future of smartphones, the success of any manufacturer has a tendency to come at the expense of the overall sales. This is found to be the truth of … [Read more...]