Galaxy S5 Release – Sales, Price, and Expectations

Galaxy S5 Metal

With the upcoming Galaxy S5 release comes the huge expectations surrounding the huge sales that are expected as the numerous enhancements are giving way to the mounting support that many of us are … [Read more...]

Galaxy S5, Galaxy S5 Mini, and Galaxy S5 Zoom – Specs, Features, Release

Galaxy S5 Specs

While we here at Galaxy S5 Specs we continue to decipher the numerous rumors that are really beginning to take shape over the years, and the latest confirmations that depict not only the release of … [Read more...]

Unlocking a Samsung Galaxy S5 Not Likely

Unlocked Galaxy S5

For those that are looking for a way of unlocking a Samsung Galaxy S5 or are looking to purchase an already unlocked version, then let me the first one to tell you that this is highly unlikely. … [Read more...]

Galaxy S Rumor for Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6 in 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumors

The current Samsung Galaxy S Rumor are consistent with more then one Samsung smartphone release in 2014 as it is already apparent that we will see the Galaxy S5 release date to be by mid-February … [Read more...]

Galaxy S5, Note 4, and Samsung Galaxy F Release in 2014

Samsung Galaxy Rumors

The future of Samsung Galaxy Smartphones is upon us, and it looks as though they are heating up for a huge year in 2014 as the persistent rumors surrounding the launch of an entirely new smartphone … [Read more...]

Specifications of the Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 Specs

From what we have been able to decipher here at Galaxy S5 Specs, the many Galaxy S5 specifications look absolutely amazing as the numerous enhancements will appeal to every consumer looking for all … [Read more...]

Best Office App Android

Best Android Office App

Best Android App to Increase Productivity Office apps for Android devices have become increasingly popular, especially in recent years as the much bigger and quite faster devices such as … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Specification

Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs

Every Samsung Galaxy S5 specification is detailed here as the many rumors, specs, and information that we have been privy to depict this as the S5 is quite possibly looking to be the best smartphone … [Read more...]

Pre-Ordering a Samsung Galaxy S5

New Samsung Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 preorders are by far the best way to assure that you get what looks to be one of the most unprecedented launches of any smartphone. As is the case with many of the most celebrated smartphone … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Updates

Galaxy S5 Updates

The latest Samsung smartphone is due to be released during the coming months, and as is the case with launch of any Samsung smartphone it would only seem fitting that they many updates are passed on … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Eye Scanner

Galaxy S5 Eye Scanner

As Samsung looks to create an entirely new Galaxy S5 concept with the newest S series smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Eye Scanner is believed to be one of the many industry firsts that we are … [Read more...]

3 Best Android Drawing Apps

Android Drawing App

Whether it's for entertainment or creating notes on any android device, an Android Drawing App will help you enhance the functionality of any android device including any phone or tablet. The many … [Read more...]

Galaxy S5 Screen Size Increased?

Galaxy S5 Screen Size

The following Galaxy S5 rumor would seem highly unlikely when taking everything into consideration as one of the latest rumors has the Galaxy S5 screen size increased from 5 inches to 5.25 inches. … [Read more...]

Galaxy S5 Specs

Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs

While there is no one out there that believes that Samsung will not over-deliver on what we all believe to be the best installment of Galaxy S smartphones as the Galaxy S5 Specs will be some of the … [Read more...]

Galaxy S5 and Wireless Charging

Galaxy S5 Wireless Charging

While the idea of wireless charging isn't exactly something, but the idea that you will be able to charge your Galaxy 5 Battery from a significant distance other then placing it on a wireless charging … [Read more...]

Galaxy S5 Screen Size – Rumors

Galaxy S5 Screen Size

The continued Galaxy S5 screen size depicts the newest release of the best from Samsung to be released with the same 5 inch screen that we have all come to appreciate with the present versions of the … [Read more...]

The Galaxy S5 Specs Unleashed

Samsung Galaxy S5

We have been all been anticipating the official announcement of the Galaxy S5 Specs as the many rumors have left much to speculation, and based on what we have been able to decipher, the new phone … [Read more...]

New Galaxy S5 Processor Creates 50% Less Heat

Galaxy S5 Review

The new Galaxy S5 Processor has numerous advantages that have yet to be seen in any other smartphone as the Exynos 64 Bit chipset will prove to be the best one yet. 64 Bit technology has been used in … [Read more...]

Galaxy S5 will be a CPU Powerhouse

Samsung Galaxy S5 Processor

With all the Galaxy S5 Processor enhancements that we will see in the upcoming release  in the coming months of 2014, it is expected that the newest Samsung smartphone will be faster then many home … [Read more...]

Galaxy S5 Wraparound Display – Rumor or Reality

Galaxy S5 Wraparound Display

One of the many Galaxy S5 rumors that have really taken off is the idea that Galaxy S5 wraparound display will become a reality. While for some this may be one of the best aspects of the Samsung … [Read more...]