Determining the Best Galaxy S5 Case

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Looking at the many options for a Galaxy S5 case may make it difficult to choose just one as the many things to consider to help you determine which is the best one will help you make the right choice. Protecting your investment is just what this Galaxy S5 review takes a closer look at as it always seems to be a foregone conclusion, but it is one that we seem to think about when it is all too late. This review takes a closer look into the many options that you will want to consider including the many options of protecting your new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone.

Galaxy S5 Case

Galaxy S5 Case

You Paid For it, So Why Not Protect It

Whether you are looking at something to give your new S5 a new look or whether you are looking for the best way to protect your phone, taking every aspect into consideration instead of just one will make your decision the best one to make.

If you haven’t noticed yet, smartphone cases in general range in price from $2 – $75  and even higher as this is one investment that you will want to make. When considering all the data that we store on our phones and the enormous dependence that each and every one of us have with our phones in this day in age, protecting our investments may just come at some sort of expense. While there are some cases that are on the lower end of the spectrum that will do what is intended as far as durability, and then there is a Galaxy S5 case that will provide a totally different look as was intended, the idea to take both into account when buying a new phone case is always the best approach.

Dual-layered phones cases that have both the hard plastic shell as well as the rubber surround has become the most popular choice, as well as one that is extremely durable. Choosing  one that snaps around your phone as in one piece versus the cases that are in two pieces will ensure the snaps on the two piece Samsung Galaxy S5 case does not break.  This has become the most common problem with the two piece phone cases as the snaps themselves are not replaceable and break quite easily.

Protecting the Galaxy S5 Screen

Galaxy S5 Screen

Galaxy S5 Screen

Even with a very durable and protective case, you will want to further protect the screen itself by purchasing a screen protector. These clear protectors can be bought to fit the individual screen size and dimensions and will protect the Galaxy S5 screen from scratches, blemishes, and otherwise shattering the glass-like screens.

While the idea of buying a Galaxy S5 case is to protect the phone exterior as well as the interior components from dropping the phone, the screen protector will add more support as this will significantly protect the screen itself. For a small investment to protect your new Samsung Galaxy S5, you will have the piece of mind knowing that you will not have to spend the unnecessary money on either repairing the phone or buying a new phone all-together.

Galaxy S5 Review In-Closing

In-closing this Samsung Galaxy S5 Review, don’t be one of the many individuals who wished they had bought a Galaxy S5 case when they originally bought their phone as the inevitable always seems to happen at the most opportune times. Protecting the elements such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 screen, processor, and the other functional aspects is imperative if you want to take advantage of all that you just purchased. In the end, it is your investment and ultimately your money that bought the new phone, so why would you not want to spend just a bit more and protect it at the same time.

Galaxy S5 Rumors and 3D Display

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As the many Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors continue to surface with many of them becoming more and more prominent over-time, the reality of all that the Galaxy S5 will hold true will all be revealed in a matter of time. As we look towards an early 2014 Galaxy S5 release, we can’t help but take the time out to determine if the latest rumors would be something  that could potentially be true. The latest concerning the potential of the Galaxy S5 3D display is quite intriguing, and the information to follow tells us all why this would be highly unlikely.

The Idea of a New Galaxy S5 3D Display

Galaxy S5 Rumors

Galaxy S5 Rumors

Back before the S4 released, there were rumors that there would be a Galaxy S5 3D display, and as we all know that that never materialized in the S4. The reason for this is that not all consumers would want to have a true 3D display, and in fact, most consumers do not.

To integrate a 3D display into the S5 would literally turn away many consumers who are wanting what they want and most of which at the expense of what they have been getting in previous versions of the Galaxy S series smartphones.

For those that are wanting a S5 3D Display or any other smartphone for that matter, there are many free android apps that will offer this display as an option, and not a standard feature. This works well for the large consumer base that Samsung has spent so much time building as the many third party options that are still free can give those wanting the 3D option a reality and maintaining those who are not wanting the Samsung Galaxy S5 3D display.

Alternatives to the 3D Display

As of this time, these Galaxy S5 rumors have yet to be confirmed or denied, but based on the information retrieved and leaked out of Korea which is the home of Samsung, this would be the most logical answer. While many were hoping to see the Galaxy S5 3D Display to be featured in all variants of the upcoming S5, there are still many people who are hoping that it doesn’t. An alternative for those who will be disappointed, there are numerous 3D Android Apps that are free of charge that will give the same effect to any android smartphone display.

Getting the Most of Your Galaxy S5 Resources

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There are numerous things that you can do to maximize your Galaxy S5 resources as getting the most out of your smartphone is just what this Galaxy S5 Review is intended for. There are many Android Apps that will help you get the most out of the most functional aspects of your phone to make sure that you get all that was intended, and most of these free downloads are things that most people don’t even know about.

Android Apps That Increase the Phones Potential

Samsung Galaxy S5 Resources

Samsung Galaxy S5 Resources

Free Android Apps that conserve your battery, expend the storage options, provide free cloud services, and so many more are all things that businesses don’t exactly tell consumers as this ultimately transpires into less sales for them. Take free battery saver android apps for instance that decrease the overall strain and use of the Galaxy S5 battery itself making your day to day routines that much easier.

Other free Android Apps such as free android tethering apps make it possible to share your phones 3G/4G signal with other WiFi enabled devices for free. Most cell phone carriers have tethering apps that can be purchased in excess of $20/monthly that will do what the free tethering apps for android will do, but why pay when you can get the service for free. One such app that has become the best android tethering app because of its ease of use and the many supported devices is FoxFi  App that can be downloaded free from the Google Play Store.

Galaxy S5 Review Wrap-Up

Maximizing your Galaxy S5 resources that you can get free of charge within your is much easier then you would have thought as simple Android Apps that are available as free downloads  will truly give you your best smartphone experiences. With this Galaxy S5 Review, it came to light that maximizing the Galaxy S5 resources will enable users to get the most for their money, and ultimately take advantage of all that the phone itself has to offer.

Best Android Tethering App

Android tethering apps make it possible to turn your android app into a mobile hotspot, and the following has become the Best Android Tethering app review to give you exactly what you were intending. Finding the perfect app to turn any android mobile device into a mobile hotspot which will give your computer or other WiFi enabled device internet connectivity absolutely free.

When looking at the numerous tethering apps for android devices, the key is finding one that does as is intended as many mobile carriers have limited the use of closed the door on tethering apps as this has ultimately limited the revenue generated for the phone carriers such as Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, and others. To further help you, we will answer the question that most Android users are wanting to know, What is Android Tethering?

Fox Fi Android App

Fox Fi Android App

 FoxFi Android App

This is where FoxFi Android App comes into play as this has been regarded as the best tethering android app that is available as a free download, and the best part of this app is that it fully works as intended.

There is no need to purchase any tethering upgrade from your cell phone carrier as this app turns your android device into a mobile hotspot for any WiFi enabled device. Imagine using the free android tethering app for providing internet connectivity to your laptop, TV, video game console, or other device. See for yourself just how easy it is to use the best Android Tethering App.

To further give you all that you need for tethering your android device, the following information on What is Android Tethering will give you an in-depth look to make this all possible.

What is Android Tethering

The following information will precisely answer the burning question or What is Tethering Android as this is something that all Android users may want to take notice of. Android Smartphone tethering for free Wi-Fi without having to pay a charge is something that you will save you a great deal of money in the long-term and this is just what you will get from the FoxFi app for android, as many other features makes this app the best android tethering app.

Easy one-step installation and the ease of integration withing the settings on either your smartphone or tablet enables the sharing of any 3G or 4G connection with other WiFi enabled devices, for free.

Download the Best Android Tethering App

To download the Best Android Tethering App, FoxFi Android, simply download the FoxFi android app from the Google Play Store.

Ringtone Maker Android App Review

Ringtone Maker Android App

This Ringtone Maker Android App review looks at all the aspects that has made this the best android ringtone app, and when looking at the many features that come standard and the easy to understand user interface there really is no wondering why. This android ringtone app can be fully customized to meet any need or desire of any user as either using app right out of the box or customized numerous different ways all gives you the best features. This in-depth Android App Review gets up close and personal with one of the most downloaded ringtone apps for any Android device.

Ringtone Maker Android Features

Best Android Ringtone App

Best Android Ringtone App

One of the biggest features that makes Ringtone Maker Android stand out from all the rest of the android ringtone apps is the ability to use the on-screen touch display versus using the function keys. Other features that help to make Ringtone Maker the best android ringtone app are as follows:

  • Free app that easily creates new ringtones, alarms, and other notifications from numerous files including WAV, MP3, MP4, AAC, and other types of files
  • Facing in and out for MP3’s
  • Adjusting volume for MP3’s
  • Easily configure the starting and ending points of the recorded ringtone by use of a slider on a time-frame
  •  Easily share your ringtone via email
  • Simple onscreen touchscreen controls enable playing, recording, depicting end/starting points, and for ease of editing
  • Preview edited or newly created ringtones to contacts, alarms, or other notifications

Best Android Ringtone App

The Ringtone Maker Android has become the Best Android Ringtone App, and after a simple and 100% free download from the world’s most trust App Store you will in no time at all see for yourself just why. This android app review is intended to show you just why this android app has become the most popular android ringtone app, and for your convenience as seeing is believing you can download the best ringtone app for android from the Google Play Store from <HERE>.

UberSocial Android App Review

Best Twitter App for AndroidThe are numerous Twitter apps available for android download, but the idea is to get the one that gives you the most option, one that is easy to understand, and that can be customized to your own liking. This is just what the UberSocial App brings you as this Twitter app has become one of the most downloaded from the Google Play Store. This UberSocial Android Review will not only tell you why this is regarded as one of the best, but will show you all that you need to know to get the most out of it. Furthermore, UberSocial has been regarded as the Best Twitter App for Android, and right here you will see just why.

The Need to Know on the UberSocial Android

With the numerous twitter apps for android, the idea to find all that you are wanting without having to download one, uninstall it, to only download the next one on the list as this review is all that you will need. Being social in groups, circles, or integrating with other social media platforms could not be any easier than this. Below are just some of the many benefits that you will get with UberSocial Android which can easily be considered the Best Android Twitter App:

Best Android Twitter App

UberSocial App

  • Inner circle tweets with friends, colleagues, and other associates with easy to customize groups or circles
  • Mute hashtags or threads for either a specified amount of time or permanently
  • Favorite features and most used Uber features can be added to one convenient favorites location
  • Cross-platform chatting with other social media means like Facebook and Gchat in one easy step
  • Favorite users feature to make searching that much easier versus having to search for specific users within the timeline
  • The ability to create and have multiple accounts

Best Twitter App for Android; UberSocial Android App

As you can see with this UberSocial Android App Review, there are so many features that have helped to make this the Best Twitter App for android that you will find. Download UberSocial for Twitter now.

Contacts + Android App Review

Contacts + Android customizes your android smartphone and getting the most out of it as possible is just what this contacts android app will do for you as it easily replaces the current contacts system within your phone and gives you much more control, options, and functionality. Contacts + App has been believed to be the Best Android Contacts App that is available as a free download through the Google Play Store, and when looking at the numerous enhancements over the standard contacts app that comes pre-loaded on your phone there truly is no wonder as to why. This review details the free Android Contacts App that will not only make your life easier, but much simpler.

A Look Inside Contacts + Android App

Contacts + Android App

Contacts + Android App

When looking at the numerous contact apps for android downloads that are available, finding precisely what you are wanting while giving you the most options may be difficult as this precisely what this Android App Review was intended, and as we look at the many facets of Contacts + you will see just why. Some of the many options and enhancements that you will get over the standard free Android contacts App are as follows:

  • Customization for single or group contacts
  • Integrated social media into your contacts as one-touch controls will link you to your friends or business associates social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Foresquare, Google +, and so many more
  • Free text messaging to any of your contacts from one convenient location
  • Viewability of the history of messaging contacts within the individual profiles
  • Navigate to your contact preferences through their profiles
  • Change the theme or background as there are light and dark color variant

See Why Contacts + Android is Regarded as the Best Android Contacts App

As you can see with the many options that are otherwise not available with the standard android contacts app, Contacts + Android App gives you so many more options that you may not have thought possible. This free best android contacts app has been regarded as the best, and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

K9 Mail Android App Review

K9 Mail Android App

Sure, the pre-installed email client that comes standard on any android device is one that serves the purpose of checking, sending, and composing emails, but if you are looking for an email android app that will give you the very best in options, customization, and ways to personalize the app, then the standard email app is not what you are looking for. For a great alternative that will have you uninstalling the standard app in no time at all, the K9 Mail Android App is something you will  want to consider as it has become the Best Android Email App.

K9 Mail – Best Android Email App

K9 Mail Android App

K9 Mail Android App

This has become the best android email app, and when looking at the numerous differences between this and the standard email client app there is no denying the huge differences within. From the installation process to setting up your email preferences for the very first time, K9 Mail will give you the very best in functionality as well as making it possible to get the most out of any smartphone or tablet.

This open-source email app client gives you the ability to search within the email dashboard, input signatures into composed messages, syncing between multiple folders, real-time syncing between devices, and so many more.

Wrapping up the K9 Mail Android App Review

See for yourself why this has become one of the most downloaded email android apps as this K9 Mail Android App Review was intended to help you get the most out of your android devices, and as seeing is believing with this best android email app. Download the K-9 Mail app from the Google Play Store today.

Camera360 Ultimate Android App Review

Camera360 Ultimate is the best rated android camera app that you will find and when looking at the numerous options that you will just not find with other android camera apps you will see for yourself why there are over 150 million users worldwide. Camera apps for android devices help you get the most out of your smartphone or tablet as the many facets of practical uses have made these devices multi-dimensional.

Best Camera App for Android

Camera360 Ultimate App

Camera360 Ultimate App

When looking to determine the best camera app for android, there are many things that we have considered including the easiest functionality so that any beginner can use as well as any novice, the most functionality and options that are standard, the ease of customizing the internal specs to give you all that you are wanting, the editing, storing, and sharing capabilities, and so much more.

The one thing that separates Camera360 Ultimate above the rest of the android camera apps is all the above features, and not just one. This is truly what makes this the best android camera app as the ease of usability and the endless stream of options has made this one of the best rated apps. Below are just some of the options that you will find standard on Camera360 Ultimate:

  • One touch social sharing to all the major social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others
  • Saving, editing, storing, and security using the Camera360 Cloud service which makes it easier to access any picture stored in the Cloud from any Android device
  • Improved effects that can be seen in the image quality and editing capabilities
  • Eight shooting modes to give you the most options such as fun mode, quick-shoot mode, self-portrait mode, effects mode, and more

Android Camera Apps Will Change Your Outlook of Your Smartphone

Get the best Camera App for Android and take advantage of all that you android device gives you absolutely free as android camera apps will give you hours of enjoyment and can turn any picture or video into a memory that is sure to last a lifetime. See for yourself what more then 15o million other users have already realized by downloading Camera360 Ultimate Android App from the Google Play Store.

Best Camera App for Android

A smartphone or tablet has become more of a mutli-media item then a phone at all, and when considering all the purposes that a smartphone brings you taking advantage of all the aspects will help you get the most out of it. The camera on any android device has become one of the focal points, and if you are one for photo editing, video editing, or are just apt to take advantage of the moment while getting it on camera, the finding the Best Camera App for Android will help you do just that. See for yourself what Camera360 Ultimate Android can do for you as millions of others already have.

Camera360 Ultimate Android App

Camera360 Ultimate

Android Camera Apps give you the ability to fully customize or create amazing pictures that would give them that professional edge. The key to having the most options is to find the android camera apps that give you them, and this is precisely what this article is intended to do. To help you get the most of your android camera, try downloading the best camera app for android  to see just how easy it is.

Camera360 Ultimate Android App Review

Camera360 Ultimate for Android gives you many of the most important features that you will not find with most android camera apps, and the best part is that this app is one of the easiest one’s to figure out. The many problems with technical Android Camera Apps is the learning curve in which it takes to actually use it. By the time frustration sets in or the realization that there is something better, a different camera apps would be indicated. As is the case with so many others who have already realized it, over 150 million users have already realized just what best camera app for Android can do.

As was stated above, the user friendly nature of Camera360 Ultimate Android is one of the differentiating factors that makes this the Best Camera App for Android, but this is only one of the many reasons. The numerous ways to personalize, customize, and easily store and transfer pictures from one android device to another could not be any easier then using the integrated Camera360 Cloud feature. This makes storing, saving, and using the same program while retrieving pictures from one device to another a breeze. Below are some of the many other features that helps to set this app apart from the all the rest of all the other Android Camera Apps:

Android Camera Apps

Android Camera Apps

  • Ease of social sharing as the one-button sharing featuring and post your picture on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more
  • The most features such as eight available picture taking modes such as Sony camera mode, effects mode, funny mode, quick-shoot mode, self-portrait mode, and more
  • Live effects for real-time viewing for the best picture quality
  • Camera360 Ultimate Cloud that makes it safe and easy to share, save, store, and edit pictures

Download the Best Camera App for Android for Free

Based on the many features that you will find in Camera360 Ultimate App, there is no confusion as to why this app has been downloaded more then 150 million times. With this in mind and the many features that you will not find in other camera apps, there has helped Camera360 Ultimate Android become the Best Camera App for Android. Download the app now from the Google Play Store.

Best Android SMS App

If you are looking for way to replace the standard Android texting app, then there may be many more options then you would have thought as the numerous SMS apps for Android that are available free of charge will give you many more options then the standard pre-installed texting app. Textra SMS is one of these apps, and has been regarded as the Best Android SMS App that is available as a free download.

Finding the perfect app means looking at the many aspects that you will want to consider including user friendly, cost, ways to personally customize, options, and so many more. For the best SMS App review you have come to the right place as Galaxy S5 Specs continues to bring in all the greatest features pertaining to all Android information.

Textra SMS Android App

Textra SMS Android App

Textra SMS Android App

Textra SMS for Android has become one of the most widely downloaded SMS apps for Android, and based on all the features, ways to personalize, and many more options that will have you forgetting all about the standard SMS pre-installed app. The standard features with Textra has made the Best Android SMS App stand out from all the rest as the following options are some of what you will  see:

  • Over 800 Emoji’s, animated JIF”s, and unique and easy to personalize text pop-ups
  • More refined MMS and group texting options
  • Customize personal contacts with different bubble colors, font colors, vibration patterns when silenced, LED colors, sound options, and more.

Best Android SMS App Review Wrap-Up

Textra SMS can easily replace the standard SMS app on any smartphone device, as the current customer reviews have depicted this as the Best Android SMS App. This Android App Review not only gives you the information to make your texting experience much easier, but to download Textra, simply download from the Google Play Store for free.

Best Android Twitter App

Twitter may in fact be one of the most popular twitter apps for Android, but this is by far the only one that is available for download. When looking for the Best Android Twitter App you have definitely come to the right place as this Android App review takes a closer look at UberSocial for Android as it will fully demonstrate that there are much better alternatives that have more features, and much more user friendly.

UberSocial Android App

UberSocial Android App

UberSocial for Android App

The UberSocial for Android App has been around for many years, and with the time that this Best Android Twitter App has been around, the creators have made numerous changes to bring out the most feature rich twitter app that not only gives users exactly what they want, but in the easiest to use interface that sets this apart as one of the best android apps period. Some of the many specifications that you will find in this Android App Review available that may be lacking in many other twitter apps are: custom notifications, advanced search options, custom notifications, enhanced photo and video sharing, and so many more options.

The personalization is also one of the many reasons that this is by far the best Android Twitter App as the ability to create a favorite inner circle so to speak so that all your favorite friends or business associates can be given one exclusive favorite circle for ease of keeping in contact with. Muting some while keeping others close is just some of the many benefits that UberSocial gives you, absolutely free.

Best Android Twitter App Review Wrap-Up

There is a free version of UberSocial for Android devices with supported ads that will be displayed, or for a one-time fee of $4.99 all advertisements will be removed for a ad-free experience. Take advantage of your smartphone capabilities as this Android App Review takes a closer look at the Best Android Twitter App that you will find from the world’s best Android Download Store.

Get the UberSocial Android App by downloading from the Google Play Store.

Samsung Galaxy 5 Rumors, Specs, and Reviews

It’s that time again to try and decipher the many Samsung Galaxy 5 Rumors while looking at the many specifics and reviews on what many people think will become the next best smartphone. While the Galaxy 5 Specs are some of the best to be featured in any smartphone, it will only be a matter of time before they are a thing of the past.

Samsung Galaxy 5

Samsung Galaxy 5

The Future of the Galaxy 5 Rumors

With 2014 right around the corner and the expectations that are already upon us despite a definitive release date as of yet, the Galaxy 5 rumors keep on increasing in intensity while we take the time to decipher the truth from what truly is a rumor when it’s all said and done.

Galaxy 5 Release Date Info

Some of the most prevalent Samsung Galaxy 5 rumors that would seem to logical additions to the new phones are the possibility of an entirely new concept. Ever since just before we seen the S4 for the first time, it was believed that we would see the S4 with an entirely metal surround, but this was not the case as it the possibility that we may see this with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy 5 release date by February 2014.

Specs on the New Samsung Galaxy S5

The the new Samsung Galaxy S5 specs are all taking notice as well get that much closer to the expected release of the new Samsung flagship smartphone as this is definitely starting to look like the best one yet. If the S5 is anything remotely close of what the S4 did at the time of launch, then the expectations that the Galaxy S5 is bringing forth will be fitting for the new release.

Expectations that the New Galaxy S5 Will Rival the Competition

New Samsung Galaxy S5

New Samsung Galaxy S5

As Samsung looks to create something that is sure to rival the competition and as analysts believe that the current Galaxy S5 concept is well on its way to becoming more of a reality then a rumor at all.

Based on what we have been able to put together and what looks to be the most promising, the New Samsung Galaxy S5 looks to be one of  the best smartphones 2014.

A Look at What’s New with in Galaxy S5 Specs

Some of the enhancements that we have yet to confirm, but that seem to be quite practical are an entirely new 64 Bit chipset Exynos processor, a new 16 MP Camera with a ISOCELL Sensor that is expecting to provide a huge boost to dark lighting aspects without having to use a flash, a a eye sensor for phone security. This is only some of what is expected i the New Samsung Galaxy S5 specs that we are hoping to see by February 2014.

The Verdict on the Samsung S5 Galaxy

While there is just less than three months to go before what we are expecting to see the launch of the Samsung S5 Galaxy that many analysts believe can become the best-selling smartphone of all time, and based on what we have seen thus far there is no denying that this can happen.

Samsung S5 Concept

Samsung S5 Concept

Samsung S5 Galaxy Review

Some of the many specifications that Samsung has been working on for years are all expected to be implemented into the Samsung S5 Galaxy Concept as some of what we are expecting to see is an entirely new design, processor, camera, and security measures that will give owners the peace of mind that has been lacking.

This Samsung S5  Galaxy Review takes a closer look into all the specs that you will be featured in the best smartphone 2014 as understanding what makes your phone tick will help you get the most out of it.


The rumored 64 Bit chipset Exynos Processor is fully expected to be ready and powering the Samsung S5 Galaxy as seeing is believing in this day in age. There was thought that the Samsung exclusive processor would have been ready for the Note 3 for the 2013 launch, but as production times went over it was noted that it would not be ready until the S5 Galaxy launch which is expected to be February 2014.

The camera aspects of the new Galaxy is another aspect that we are hopeful that the rumors will inevitably become a reality as the ISOCELL Sensor and 16 MP camera that has been rumored is one aspect that we are almost certain we will see.


Samsung S5 Galaxy Specs

Samsung S5 Galaxy Specs

Other Samsung S5 Galaxy Specs that we are expecting is the possibility of a metal surround or a wraparound surround or a combination of both. The wraparound surround will enhance the viewing angle while displaying at least three different ways and items to view at the same time. This will truly change the display aspects of the Galaxy S series as the Polycarbonate surround that we have grown to expect may just be replaced with a metal, more durable surround.

The Polycarbonate surround of the S4 and Galaxy S3 has gotten mixed reviews as the weight has been appealing to some, while the lacking in durability and visual appeal has been stated by others. Overall, this may just prove to be one of the best looking changes as the Samsung S5 Galaxy Specs is something that we are expecting to see some major changes with.

The Verdict is in on the Samsung S5 Galaxy Review

There will be much to talk about in the coming months as we patiently await the Samsung S5 Galaxy release date as the specs that we have seen thus far are quickly proving to be one of the best features of any smartphone. From the enhanced camera to the processor that is more like a desktop computer, this Samsung S5 Galaxy review details all so that you can get the most out of your decision of buying a new smartphone. See for yourself why many people are already believing this to be a best smartphone 2014 contender.

On another side note, the option for more storage is also a remote possibility as 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB storage options for a Samsung S5 Galaxy are all strong possibilities. Stick with Galaxy S5 Specs for all the latest and greatest rumors, reviews, and specifications as we look forward to what is expected to be one of the best smartphones of 2014.

Samsung Galaxy 5 Specs Unleashed

From the many leaks that have become available, they point to a new Galaxy 5 concept that truly reveals the best looking Samsung Smartphone to date. The huge enhancements to the Samsung Galaxy 5 specs bring forth one phone that you will love to see, and more importantly one that will literally do everything you are wanting. From a new display to a new processor, the all new specs are something that will have everyone taking notice.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept

Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept

As the rumors keep coming surrounding the many facets including the specs and rumors for the upcoming release of one of the best smartphone series ever, the Samsung Galaxy 5 Specs are what many of us believe will truly raise the bar within the smartphone industry. With each release by some of the most prominent manufactures such as Apple, HTC, Motorola, and Samsung, so much has changed and will continue to change within the smartphone industry.

A New Samsung Galaxy 5 Concept Brings New Expectations

The new Samsung Galaxy 5 Concept that we are all expecting also has brought forth a brand new set of expectations. While the many rumors have yet to be confirmed, it would seem that the wraparound display, metal surround, and enhanced security features may just bring out the best smartphone 2014. With just a couple of months to go until the Galaxy 5 release, it will only be time until we all see how all this pans out.

Samsung Galaxy 5 Specs

Samsung Galaxy 5 Specs

Some of the most intriguing of the Samsung Galaxy 5 Specs that we have seen is the idea of a wraparound surround or a metal exterior. This would significantly change the concept that has made the smartphone serious so popular in recent years, but one of the biggest drawbacks of the S4 and s3 is the plastic, less durable, and less than appealing nature when comparing previous versions to other flagship smartphones like Apple and HTC.

Besides an entirely new look visually, there have been reports of a new processor, camera, and a significant change when it comes to the phones security. The Exynos 64 Bit processor is something that will give one the feel and power of a computer, and right in the palm of your hands.

The 16 MP rumored rear facing camera of the Galaxy 5 with an integrated ISOCELL Sensor is expected to totally transform video and photo quality in smartphones as the Samsung Galaxy 5 Specs are further expecting to continue to change the smartphone industry for not only Samsung, but all cell phone manufacturers.

Consumers Taking Notice of the New Galaxy 5 Specs

The metal look and feel alone is expected to give the Galaxy 5 specs a look that has been lacking, and something that many consumers have been asking for. With the appeal that was noted as lacking in the S4 that also brings with it a much more durable surround and a processor that will likely rival many computers found right in your own home, it would only seem fitting that Samsung has brought forth this new concept to compete with other flagship releases that are upcoming.

Release Date of Samsung Galaxy S5 is Sooner Rather than Later

More of the same as the many Galaxy S5 rumors are continuing to heat up as we inch closer to what looks to be one of the best smartphone releases of all-time as analysts are expecting and consumers are hopeful that we will see the next coming from Samsung sooner rather then later.

Galaxy S5 Rumors

Galaxy S5 Rumor

Anticipated March 2014 Galaxy S5 Release Date

While it is reported that the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date will be sooner rather than later, there are many things to consider when looking at the precise expected date. One thing that’s for certain is that Samsung has weighed out all the possibilities as it was initially thought that we would see the S5 mid-March 2014, but as time went on it would seem much more practical that a mid-February 2014 release date is the most likely candidate.

While much of this has yet to be confirmed, but when looking at the bigger picture depicting previous releases as well as the possibility of three Samsung flagship releases including the Galaxy Note 4 and a brand new release the Samsung Galaxy F.

Breaking Down the Samsung Galaxy 5 Release Date

Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date

Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date

When looking at the many scenarios and all that has already been leaked out of Korea which is home to the Galaxy S5 manufactured, Samsung, production times as well as the nature of the smartphone market itself are all things that have to be considered if the release date will the right one.

The processor and the new camera are just some of the Galaxy S5 specs that will prove to be a huge change in the S5 as time also has to be made for mass productions with all the rumored changes to take effect. The technology is in place as Samsung intends on incorporating their own designed processor as the 64 Bit chipset Exynos Processor is expected to raise the bar within the smartphone industry.

February Galaxy S5 Release to Appeal to Many Consumers

With this being said, the competition of other cell phones which are also expected to be released in 2014 such as the HTC One 2 and the iPhone 6, but more importantly other releases by Samsung. The Galaxy Note 4 and quite possibly a new launch of the Samsung Galaxy F series which is expected to take the most alluring aspects of the S series and the Note series and blend them into one brand new F series phone. If all holds true, the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date will mark some pretty significant changes within the smartphone industry which will ultimately appeal to many consumers.

The Feature Rich Samsung Android Galaxy S5

While it is reported that the Samsung Android Galaxy S5 will be one of the feature rich smartphones, there is no denying that the hype that it has already received is much deserved. With each new launch from Samsung especially noted with previous release of the Galaxy S4 and the Note 3 that we have been privy to many of the Galaxy S5 Specs that we have been able to decipher as being rumor of reality, and the same is more of the same with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5.

Enhanced Samsung Android Galaxy S5 Features

Samsung Android Galaxy S5 Features

Samsung Android Galaxy S5 Features

With this being said, the many Galaxy S5 Features including the huge advancements in security, speed, and the camera is sure to bring about many aspects that all consumers have been hopeful of seeing. From the Samsung exclusive processor as the Exynos 64 Bit chipset is expected to be used in the S5 as well as future smartphones including probably the upcoming Note 4. If these Samsung Android Galaxy S5 features holds true, then the processor alone will make the phone seem more like a computer powerhouse then a phone at all.

Samsung Android Galaxy S5 In-Review

Other Galaxy S5 Specs that we are rumored to see is a totally new concept for the rear facing camera as a 16 MP with ISOCELL Sensor technology is expected to rival that of every smartphone camera on the market. Even with upcoming releases by HTC, Motorola, and Apple in 2014, the Samsung Android Galaxy S5 review will bring out the finest quality in specifications and features that we are all hopeful of seeing.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Features

The Samsung Galaxy S5 features are some of the best that we have seen, and if these are half of what we are expecting to see then we are really in for a treat upon the release as we will all see with our own eyes in the Galaxy S5 Specs. The many specifications that depicts a much improved Galaxy S4 specs in so many facets including the processor, camera, phone surround, security features, and so many more would prove to be one of the most feature rich smartphones and one of the leaders of Best Smartphone 2014.

Galaxy S5 Specs Means It Is More Then Just a Phone

Galaxy S5 Features

Galaxy S5 Features

Based on all that we are expecting in the Galaxy S5 specs, this smartphone will be realized in no time at all that it truly is much more then just a phone. From all the uses that consumers not only want but need will make it one of the most prevalent smartphones on the market that is sure to increase productivity, entertainment, and consumer reliance.

So much more to a phone has come with everything excluding the phone attributes as the digital and multimedia components have become some of the best selling points. While it is true that that the all-in-one media device is replacing so many other household items, having a phone that does it all is just what Samsung intends to create with the Samsung Galaxy S5 features.

Some of the Galaxy S5 specs that is sure to impress is the rumored 64 Bit chipset Exynos processor that is shaping up to be something that most computers would be jealous of as the speed and ability to do so much more with your S5 will be something that will truly stand out.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera Specs

Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera Specs

New Galaxy S5 Cameras Round Out the New Features Expected

For all the photogenic people out there or those who can’t miss out on the moments, then the 16 MP Galaxy S5 Camera that is expected to have the ISOCELL Sensor to significantly enhance the photo and video quality which is also something that will become a smartphone first. Having the multimedia purpose that defined by a smartphone is only some of the many Samsung Galaxy S5 features that you will find with the upcoming release.

Only time will tell just how fast consumers and analysts alike will fall in love with the Galaxy S5 features and specs, but there is one thing that is for certain when looking at the many enhancements that are intended for the upcoming release.

Huge Savings on the Galaxy S5

When the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch dates happens, everyone will be looking for the huge savings on the Galaxy S5 price and there is always one way to help you get the biggest savings on what appears to be one of the most sought after phones of 2014. With all the expectations that is coming our way from Samsung and as well look at the numerous ways that the Galaxy S5 specs looks to redefine the smartphone industry once again, then there is no wondering why this will be one of the hardest phones to come by on the day of launch.

Expectations of the Galaxy S5 Price

Galaxy S5 Price

Galaxy S5 Price

With the current expectations of the Samsung Galaxy S5 price that is expected to exceed that of the S5, this article takes a closer look at just what you can do to get it for much less then everyone else. Saving money is huge in its own right, but saving hundreds and hundreds of dollars on the best looking smartphone that has yet to be released is something that is quite difficult to imagine.

Helping you get the biggest discounts with a savings to exceed $600 off the Samsung Galaxy S5 price , the best way of doing so is to wait in between cell phone contracts or look to sign a new contract with your current cell phone carrier.

Most typical cell phone carriers will offer a one or two year contract in exchange for huge savings on cell phones as this savings can give you discounts of well over $600. These contracts are only offered for specific time periods, and if you are in the beginning of a contract then you may have a considerable amount of time to wait.

Galaxy S5 Price will be Competitive

With the expectations that the Galaxy S5 price being competitive with other smartphones that are set to be released in 2014, one may think that the price is set in stone. What many people many not know is that there are many things that can be done to help absorb the cost and save you a ton of money in the process.

The best advice is to call your phone carrier and determine if and when you contract is up. With any luck, you will be able to sign a new contract upon the launch for a huge savings off the Galaxy S5 price, or if the time that your current contract is up in just a short time then it may just prove to be a smart decision to wait until buying a new phone. Typically, you can expect to buy a new Galaxy S5 with the 32 GB option for $199 with a new contract, and without signing a contract you can expect to spend in excess of $750 for a 32 GB variant, as ultimately this will be a huge difference in the Samsung Galaxy S5 price from day one.