How to Update Apps on Android

Android App Downloads

In order to help keep the Android apps running as they were intended and to get critical updates that will even make the app run better, learning How to Update Apps on Android will make sure that you … [Read more...]

Galaxy S5 Camera Features ISOCELL Sensor

Galaxy S5 Camera

The ISOCELL Sensor that will come standard in the Galaxy S5 Camera will truly bring out all the greatest aspects in the camera and video capabilities that will supersede the abilities of any other … [Read more...]

Galaxy S5 Waterproof Body Confirmed

Galaxy S5 Design

While many of the frequent Galaxy S5 specs have yet to either be confirmed or denied, one such rumor that we have all been waiting to find our more on was if the Galaxy S5 waterproof body would be … [Read more...]

Update on the Galaxy S5 Release March 2014

Galaxy S5 Release

Initially thought to be a mid-March 2014 release, over the past few months it was looking as though we would see the Galaxy S5 release much sooner, rather then later. As the persistent rumors and … [Read more...]

Galaxy S5 Rumors – Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6 in 2014?

Galaxy S5 Rumors

With the expected Galaxy S5 launch date right around the corner the continued Galaxy S5 rumors continue to become more and more prevalent as some of the latest depict there being more then one … [Read more...]

64 Bit Core Processor Provides Lightning Speed Display

Galaxy S5 64 Bit Processor

The new 64 Bit Core Processor that is expected to come standard in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 will bring forth a smartphone that is expected to provide lightning speed display. This idea in its … [Read more...]

Galaxy S5 Launch Date Unconfirmed

Galaxy S5 Launch Date

The expected Samsung Galaxy S5 launch date is unconfirmed at this time, but when we consider all the reports and the speculative nature of where they are coming from, the release is quite easy to … [Read more...]

Galaxy S5 Retina Scanner Better the Iris Scanner

Galaxy S5 Retina Scanner

We keep hearing about the Galaxy S5 retina scanner that will soon become a standard feature, and many people are wondering just what this means when considering that the previous release of the S4 … [Read more...]

What Galaxy S5 Learned from Galaxy S4 Active

Galaxy S4 Active vs Galaxy S5

It would seem that with the success from the Galaxy S4 Active, much seems to be in store that will be of a resemblance with the upcoming Galaxy S5 as much has been learned from the consumer support of … [Read more...]

Galaxy S5 to Feature Metal Surround

Samsung Galaxy S5 Metal Surround

One of the biggest drawbacks of the previous versions of the S series smartphones has been the inadequate durability and the looks that the plastic body of the S3 and Galaxy S4. Now, with the upcoming … [Read more...]

Galaxy S5 is the Next Gen Smartphone

Galaxy S5 Waterproof Display

With all that we have noted that will become apparent in the Galaxy S5 Specs, as there is no denying that the Galaxy S5 is the next gen smartphone. There are so many things that are expected to set … [Read more...]

Will the Galaxy F Replace the Galaxy S?

Samsung Galaxy F

Some of the more recent Galaxy S5 Rumors depict that the S Series will be no longer as the latest in Samsung's best-selling franchise will be replaced with a new series called the Galaxy F. While this … [Read more...]

Galaxy S5 Specs – First 16 Core Processor and 4 GB RAM

Samsung Galaxy 5 Processor

The Galaxy S5 Specs will be the first cell phone to have a true 16 Core Processor and 4 GB RAM. To many people these numbers may just seem like more specifications, and one's that seem to be more … [Read more...]

Galaxy S5 Preorders is the Only Guarantee

Galaxy S5 Pre Order

As we get closer to the Galaxy S5 launch date, the only guarantee to get the newest phone from Samsung is to pre-order from any of the leading retailers. The current expectations is that the S5 will … [Read more...]

Expected Competition for the Galaxy S5 in 2014

Galaxy S5 vs Nexus 5

While the Samsung Galaxy S4 has become one of the most popular, best-selling, and most revered smartphones of 2014, the time to look forward at what the upcoming year has in-store for us is what this … [Read more...]

Expectations of Galaxy S5 Sales

Galaxy S5 Sales

The Galaxy S5 sales are expected to surpass that of many 2014 releases, and especially surpass the opening day and overall sales of the S4. Analysts and Samsung manufactures of the upcoming Samsung … [Read more...]

Galaxy S5 64 Bit Processor

Galaxy S5 Processor

As it has been confirmed after months of speculation, the Galaxy S5 64 Bit Processor will be a reality and perfectly compliment the rest of the Galaxy S5 specs when the newest smartphone from Samsung … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Rumors New Smartphone Release 2014

Samsung Galaxy Rumors

Brand new Samsung Galaxy rumors point to a third smartphone release in 2014 as the best of both worlds when looking at the Galaxy S series and the Note series collide to create the upcoming Galaxy F … [Read more...]

What a Flexible Display would do for Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 Flexible Display

The Galaxy S5 would be the first smartphone to showcase a flexible display as the latest Galaxy S5 rumors depict the newest release to come standard with a complete flexible display. This would have a … [Read more...]

Galaxy S5 vs HTC One 2

Galaxy S5 vs HTC One 2

Galaxy S5 vs HTC One 2; enough said! These two phones are exposed in this review as they are expected to be the pinnacle of smartphones for 2014 as the many technological advancements in the new … [Read more...]